Paper Street KiSS Handmade Candle - Fight Club - Citrus Floral Musk Choose - Brad Pitt Tyler Durden Soap Movie Fan

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Fight Club Candle.

Each candle is hand made per customer.
100% vegan and recycled materials.
Natural wax of soy, rapeseed and coconut.
Do not apply the lid to a naked flame.

Size and weight options:

Small = 120ml
Burn time of 36 hours (approx)
6.2cm W x 6.2cm H x 6.2cm D

Large = 250ml
Burn time of 60 hours (approx)
8.2cm W x 7.7cm H x 8.2cm D

IMPORTANT: Please do not leave candles unattended at any time!
To avoid damage use a heat-resistant surface.